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GIVEAWAY: TVXQ’s Rising Sun! Autographed by all 5!

Hello, this is Pepper, and I present you to my first Tumblr giveaway ever! Just remember to read the rules, and this CD could be all yours.


  • Reblogs count. You can only reblog up to three times per day. I don’t want you to annoy your followers.
  • Likes count.
  • Follows count and they make me happy.
  • I will randomly pick the winner on APRIL 10.
  • Your ask box must be open when I pick the winner. How else am I going to contact you? You also have two days after being contacted to reply back before I pick another winner.
  • Obviously, I am going to need your address to mail this. So I hope you are comfortable sharing that with me.
  • I can ship worldwide.
  • I will provide a tracking number.

Anyway, I’ll be doing more giveaways in the future, so keep an eye open.
Happy blogging and good luck!~

{BATMAN SERIES} DBSK’S Jaejoong as Bane;; au meme.

“It doesn’t matter who we are… what matters is our plan. No one cared who I was until I put on the mask”;;
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“BoA is small but powerful, Heechul hyung and I created a nickname for her called small giant because she is little in stature but is capable of blowing people away with her performances. She isn’t your typical girl-next-door, aside from her powerful vocals and sharp dance moves, I think that what catches people’s attention. It definitely caught mine (laughs). BoA is a hard worker, she really doesn’t complain about anything; when she’s pain she’s still smiling, it actually  worries everyone, she should be more honest! People might not know but she is my best friend, I cherish our friendship a lot. We’d goof around and make jokes with the members, come up with various nicknames, even drink together! But outside our friendship BoA is gratefully admirable. She has taken care of us since DBSK’s debut, even more when we started in Japan, always giving us advice and telling us what’s right and what’s wrong, helping us with the language. BoA has been and still is supporting us, in turn we are also showing our support. She’s an amazing senior, we’re really thankful.”  - Jaejoong


Sica that still isn’t the right move…

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Stick Chocolate 100円の型で簡単スイーツ ハロウィンスティックチョコ

So you're not human? Are you a ghost?

121004 Jaejoong Red Carpet BIFF

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5-7/50 gifs of Park Bom []

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